In 1886, D.H. Eysink founded an installation company in Amersfoort that specialized in steam engines, steam tools and gas installations. Soon, the company began producing high bicycles and tricycles for the local market at a small scale. They also sold a small amount of British import bikes.

Then not long after the Rover experienced his breakthrough, Eysink, which in the meantime had become a family business, also saw the demand for bicycles increase enormously. Then they decided to discontinue the sale of other brands and henceforth to concentrate on their own fabricate. However, they still made use of purchased parts. They came not only from abroad but were also purchased from Simplex.

The bikes of Eysink were of very sound quality and not inferior to the best that the acclaimed British manufacturers brought to the market. The company also became well known. The brand name for some time was 'Hollandia' to emphasize that it was cycling homegrown. Later this name would lapse and it was just 'Eysink.

Around 1895 Eysink had grown enough to start its first production series. In a catalog from 1896 there were up to 12 different models offered. The company had to immediately expand to meet all demands.

The other activities of Eysink now dropped quickly into the background. For a couple of years, the focus was fully on the production of bicycles.That would change soon after the turn of the century. Once again the company was sucked into a new development, namely the emergence of motorized traffic. This would become the final destination of this company, making it one of the main engine and car factories in the Netherlands in history.

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